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Medical Marijuana
& Sickle Cell Disease

(Disclaimer:  The content reported below is intended to provide sickle cell patients, families, and the public with information as reported by medical and scientific studies.  The Mississippi Sickle Cell Foundation is only providing this information as a tool for those affected by the disease to gain an understanding of what medical marijuana is and know that it is another option that is available in the state of Mississippi.  All those that are living with this disease, please do your research to see if this option will work for you and please have a conversation with your physician).   

Research in the use of medical cannabis to treat sickle cell anemia is still ongoing; however, many studies have shown that medical marijuana has the potential to reduce pain, help with anxiety and depression, help improve mood and reduce hospital admissions. Sickle Cell Disease is a qualifying condition for medical marijuana in the State of Mississippi. It is now an option for patients living with sickle cell disease to help with pain.  To see if this option will work for you, please contact your physician.

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